Matej Kramny

Full Stack Software Engineer & Architect (7yr+ experience) | Top 5% overall on StackOverflow

LiveMore PTE LTD [self-development app providing content from experts worldwide]
May 2019 - Present
Software Architect
  • Built and architected the app, API, and infrastructure from scratch, designed to accommodate future growth, whilst ensuring service security and speed for an ever-changing set of requirements
  • Successfully launched MVP and final app on iOS and Android, optimized app by deploying a second data center in Europe
  • Integrated Stripe payments, created a marketplace and implemented a cryptocurrency system
  • Interview, mentor developers and communicate ideas and design requirements to the team
Castaway Consulting Ltd [provides software consulting services for it's clients worldwide]
Jun 2014 - Present
Owner, Senior Software Engineer
London, United Kingdom
  • Consulted 20+ clients from different industries and managed to grow yearly revenue by 36%
  • Created leads, secured sales, performed accounting jobs, payroll, set up client meetings
Maple Intelligence SG PTE LTD [B2B work-order platform for the enterprise]
Nov 2017 - Apr 2019
Co-Founder, CTO
  • Pitched business and secured funds from multiple venture capital investors in Asia, USA and UK
  • Created a B2B work-order platform that enables companies of any size to manage their workers quickly and efficiently
  • Improved client’s average customer response time by 80%; clients including one of Asia’s largest property developers
  • Developed 42% of tests for the API, automated deployment on GCP, set up CI pipeline and created automatic backups LTD [food pre-ordering system for the hospitality industry]
Aug 2013 - Aug 2018
Lead Software Engineer
Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Lead a team of developers to create new company software, ensuring it meets coding standards and satisfies customers’ needs
  • Created interactive data mining visualizations on client data, using Highcharts, d3 and PHP
  • Transitioned the company towards a cloud-based infrastructure, created an automatic code deployment pipeline, automatic server scaling based on demand, resulting in improved system uptime, availability
  • Optimized reporting SQL queries, reducing customer waiting time from 10 minutes to a few seconds
Soft Pauer [created and maintains the Formula1 Official app]
Dec 2014 - Mar 2015
Software Engineer
Bicester, United Kingdom
  • Converted manual deployment to an automated Ansible operation. This resulted in saving DevOps 90% of their time doing deployment
  • Improved the Formula1 Official app and developed a new F1 Timing website
  • Consulted F1 management about app problems and suggested possible solutions
  • Contributed to the DevOps team and created the F1 Paddock App, a social networking app for F1 VIP

HTC eSports Jun 2017 – Aug 2018

  • HTC eSports is a large project that presented a lot of challenges and later provided validation of our technical capabilities
  • Backed by a CMS system Grav, provided the client with a blazing-fast website. The website scored 100% in Chrome’s Lighthouse audits

Semaphore Aug 2014 – Present

  • Created an open-source community project for Ansible, competing with their proprietary tool Ansible Tower
  • Ansible is a DevOps automation tool that can provision entire data centers, our tool has since gathered a sizeable community who actively support and maintains it
  • 3.3k users / stargazers, 42 contributors & 160 merge requests

NodeGear Ltd Aug 2013 Mar 2015

  • Created a node.js PaaS from scratch that today resembles some Kubernetes features before it’s inception, using Node.js, Golang, Angular, Docker and RabbitMQ
  • Co-owned the company, responsible for all deployment, security, and architecture; delivered a 5-minute pitch to YCombinator

GCP & AWS, Kubernetes, Golang, JS, Angular, C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, MongoDB, Git, TypeScript, PHP, Flutter, Ionic, Prometheus, Bash, Highcharts, D3, Accounting, Security, Consulting, Teamwork, Leadership, Teaching, Documentation, Presentation

Algorithms Specialization
by Stanford University / Coursera
Google IT Automation with Python
by Google / Coursera
CCNA Routing and Switching
by Cisco
City of Oxford College
2012 - 2014
Information Technology